Lamination and Mounting

We offer a full set of mounting, laminating, edging, screw posting, gromets and binding options.



Wide and Small Format Lamination and Mounting


We can laminate and mount your large and small format prints and documents with our pocket and pressure roller laminators. We offer a wide variety of lamination materials and mounting substrates. Make your posters last and presentations pop with our high quality laminate films. 


J2 can also mount your existing prints to a wide variety of rigid substrates, including Foam board and Gator board


If you would prefer, J2 can also print directly on any flat material (upto 2" thick). We can save you money by printing your digital files directly the the medium of your choice! This also opens up a wide variety of exotic materials such as metals, composites and other flat surfaces such as wood and clear polycarbonate or glass panels! 

File Upload

Upload your project directly into our production queue!